The Red List – Savi’s Warbler


Mezzotint engraving, hand pulled. 1/10

This pretty, migrant warbler has always been elusive and scarce in the UK and it is thought to only have 1-3 breeding pairs in the UK. It’s song sounds like insects, hence part of its name Locustella means “little locust”. First identified in Norfolk in 1819, this tiny group favours this areas for its reedbeds.

Dimensions: 15cm x 12cm

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About The Red List Series

Currently 67 birds are on the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Red List of conservation concern.

Working in a range of dark tones, the true colour of the bird is absent, archived as if from an old book, before lithography transformed colour prints for widespread publication, perhaps from a time when the population of these particular birds was of no concern.

BIrds are a symbol of freedom, if we lose them we will come crashing back down to earth, with a bump. The delicate connections and interrelations between us, our landscape, flora and fauna dictates the wider climate emergency. Through archiving these birds I wish to raise awareness of their unique characteristics and personal histories. I am creating rgese mezzotints in the hope that they will not become merely another memory. Please enjoy them, buy one or maybe collect the whole lot and keep their spirit alive and well.

More birds will be added as the mezzotint plates are completed and printed. Next up the Yellow Wagtail.

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